| Jul 10, 2019

Central Frontenac Council awarded the tender to fix Crow Lake Road from Road 38 up to the rail approach just before the hamlet to Gemmill’s Sand & Gravel for $1,021,681.48 excluding HST, further to a recommendation and report from acting Public Works Manager David Armstrong.

The Council meeting was held in Arden, as per Township policy to rotate meeting locations through the summer.

Armstrong said the project is set to begin “late July, early August” and should be completed by “Oct. 15.”

One potential speed bump in the road project could potentially be the fact there is a 1.5 km portion of the road that the Township does not have title to, as well as one portion over Crown Land and another which is a “registry PIN so ownership cannot be verified without further searching.”

In his report, Armstrong said “In the course of researching a location for a dry hydrant, it has come to the attention of staff that there is approximately 1.5 kilometres of Crow Lake Road that is not in the Township’s title.

“It appears to be a trespass road owned by the property owner of the concession lot,” Armstrong’s report said. “The Deputy Clerk recommends that we approach the land owner to negotiate a transfer of title so that there are no liability or other legal issues relating to the reconstruction.

‘A reference plan would be required to convey the road to the municipality, however, we can also incorporate the land needed for the dry hydrant at the same time, so we can either obtain an easement of transfer of that land as well.”

Gemmill’s was also the successful bidder on a tender for the supply and placement of gravel in the amount of $295,400 excluding HST.

Rock removal

Roadwork was the predominant item on this week’s agenda, with Armstrong outlaying plans for rock removal on Bell Line Road West (complete), Oak Flats Road (complete) and Echo Lake Road (expected to start shortly).

There was an emergency culvert replacement at Westport Road, grind-in-place work planned for the entire length of Price Road, and Henderson Road from Baker Valley Road to the Henderson/Bordenwood intersection.

He said paving repair of Road 509 is in the process of being scheduled.

“We’re also waiting for additional prices to micro-surface Arden Road (from the hamlet limits to southwest of Pit Road),” he said.

Coun. Tom Dewey thanked Armstrong for “getting to Arden Road” and asked for an explanation of what micro-surfacing is.

“Micro-surfacing is the laying down of an asphalt compound to about 2/3 of an inch,” Armstrong said. “It does act to stop water from penetrating potholes similar to crack sealant.

“It’s a bit of a band-aide solution but hopefully it’ll give us two seasons. If it gets us through next season I’ll be happy.”

He said Arden Road should be done by the end of the summer.

Roadside mowing

Armstrong said that road-side mowing is “ongoing.”

He said they only have two tractors and “limited staff” so they’re considering contracting out some of the work if they can find somebody to do it.

Obligatory Raptors reference

This was Armstrong’s last Council meeting. Much like Kawhi Leonard, he has accepted a job in his home town. Only Armstrong will be replacing Mississippi Mill’s outgoing operations manager rather than becoming small forward/shooting guard for the LA Clippers.

Stop light on Road 38?

Council passed a resolution in support of the Sharbot Lake Business Group’s request to the Minister of Transportation asking for a traffic light at the corner of Hwy 7 and Road 38. Council plans letters to both the Minister and MPP Randy Hillier.

“David (Armstrong) has had conversations with the ministry so they know we’re supportive of this,” said Mayor Frances Smith.”

“Randy won’t have much clout,” said Coun. Tom Dewey.

Regional Roads plan clears a hurdle

Township staff has expressed concern about the legal implications of transferring minimal ownership (1%) of arterial roads in the township to Frontenac County. A proposal to undertake the transfer is being considered by all four Frontenac Townships in order to facilitate the establishment of a virtual county roads system to help secure more infrastructure grant money.

The townships lawyer, Tony Fleming, did not answer all of the detailed questions staff had about the implications of shared jurisdiction over roads, but on the key question of liability, he said that as long as the agreement between the parties is clear, liability will not be a concern. Given that, and some verbal assurances by Fleming on other issues, a staff report recommended that council consider a motion to approve the proposed virtual roads system, with one proviso, that any agreement that is reached be vetted by the township’s lawyer.

“Given the importance of the agreement between the municipalities, staff recommend the municipality seek independent legal review of that document, once we are at that stage in the process,” said the staff report on the matter.

The proposal will return in August for a vote.

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