| Mar 06, 2019

Earlier this year, Lisa Matson and a few others were wondering what they could do to fix up the rink in Arden. They’d noticed that just about every night, kids were coming from all over, starting about 5:30 till 9pm or so and the ice surface wasn’t in the best of shape. After all, the original rink was built in 1967.

They came up with an all-night skate-a-thon to raise some funds and when it was all over, they’d raised $2,450 along with a few other donations of materials.

“We were just tossing around ideas,” she said. “We didn’t realize we’d get such a big response.

“It’s March weather, so if you get a warm day, the ice could be a little soft,” said co-organizer Jeff Matson. “It takes a lot of work to maintain the rink as the ground is not level and water can run down the hill and get under the ice, creating soft spots.”

So, they made a plan and people started getting on board, including people from outside the community making donations and prizes to raffle off.

“Karen Knight used to live here and now she works at Lifestyle Sunrooms in Peterborough,” Lisa said. “The owner, former NHLer Billy Carroll, donated a door and four windows for the canteen.

“DA Integrated in Ottawa, donated two tickets to the Senators-Toronto game, Play It Again Sports donated two Frontenacs tickets and Upper Canada Office Supply in Belleville donated two tickets to a Belleville Senators game.”

“And Crains donated crusher dust to resurface the base,” Jeff said.

“We’ve got a good group of kids who are using the rink,” Lisa said. “Them helping raise funds like this gives them pride and a sense of self-ownership.”

“A group of us will be going to Council on March 12 to solicit a little something,” said Jeff. “It’ll be good to show them we’ve done something to contribute.”

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