Submitted by Valerie Allen | Dec 05, 2018

Mr. Flegal’s grade three/four class at Granite Ridge Education Centre class was honoured to have local Métis community members, Candace Lloyd and Nicholas Delbaere-Sawchuck, visit and share their knowledge and teachings through guided discussion and questions last week,. Students learned about the Métis culture and the significance of the sash and the colours they used. They engaged in a finger weaving technique used for sash-making and created their own mini bracelet.  Candace and Nicholas introduced the students to Métis music and the basic steps of “jigging”, a traditional Métis dance.  

The Indigenous Studies and Indigenous English classes (and a couple of other visitors) also learned jigging from Candace Lloyd.  It was a very energetic and fun workshop, which required fans and open windows.  Ms. Lloyd also taught the students the traditional Metis method of dot-painting, and students made a collaborative work of art consisting of “tree cookies” (disks cut from the limb of a birch tree).  

Candace Lloyd is a citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario and Elected Secretary Treasure of High Land Waters Metis Community Council. This council is a chartered council of Métis Nation of Ontario.  She is a Traditional Knowledge Holder for Métis Way of Life.

Giant Indigenous Map

In addition to the Métis Rendezvous, students and staff had the opportunity to walk across Canada last week.  The Canadian Geographic Society’s Giant Indigenous Map was laid out in the gym and various Elementary and Secondary classes visited and learned a variety of lessons.  On one of the days, Gillianne Mundell, the Indigenous Consultant from the LDSB, led students through some learning experiences.  

There are very few post-contact place names on the map, so students and staff struggled to orient themselves.  Students learned about a variety of subjects, including climate change, treaties, language, and residential schools.

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