Submitted by Pam Giroux (Director) | Nov 21, 2018

It’s the last week of rehearsals and our actors are working on stage with a set complete with props. This is a comedy sure to tickle your funny bone and chase away the November blues, so don’t miss it. Picture for a moment a wood working class where two middle aged men who know nothing about tools or carpentry are working on a project together. Fred’s obsession with allergies leaves him prostrate on the floor while his buddy Marty tries in vain to talk some sense into him. Meanwhile the unseen classmates are witnessing a dramatic scene the likes of which they’ve never encountered before in a wood working class. There are many very funny moments in this comedy about two couples facing retirement and the women contribute their fair share of funny scenes as well.

The tickets are available now at the Pharmacy in Sharbot Lake and The Amazing Dollar Store. Also available at the door.

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