| Oct 24, 2018

In a close race, newcomer Nicki Gowdy was the top vote-getter in Hinchinbrooke (District 4) with 362 votes. Incumbent Brent Cameron was re-elected with 328 votes leaving current Coun. Phillip Smith to go down in defeat with 315 votes.

In Kennebec (District 4) both incumbents were re-elected with Cindy Kelsey receiving 410 votes and Tom Dewey receiving 404. Isaac Hale finished third with 289 votes.

In Olden District (Ward 2), Victor Heese was re-elected with 267 votes and Elwin Burke also won a seat at the table with 190 votes. Dan Cunningham was third with 175 votes and Bill Everett fourth with 171.

Mayor Frances Smith was acclaimed along with both Oso (District 3) candidates Sherry Whan and Bill MacDonald.

In the school board trustee elections, Limestone District School Board candidate Karen McGregor was acclaimed as was French Public School Board candidate Rachel Laforest.

In the Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board race, Wendy Procter (328 votes, 70 in Central Frontenac) defeated Leslie Ford (228 votes, 42 in Central Frontenac).

In the French Catholic School Board race, Michel Charron (352 votes, 309 in Kingston, 40 in South Frontenac and 3 in Central Frontenac) defeated Diane Burns (165 votes, 149 in Kingston, 14 in South Frontenac and 2 in Central Frontenac).

While stoic, Phillip Smith expressed disappointment at being the only current Council member to go down in defeat (Coun. John Purdon is the only other current member not returning, having chosen not to run again).

“I am disappointed,” Smith said. “Nine years on Council and it was close.

“But that’s the way democracy works.”

On the other hand, defeated candidate Bill Everett was looking like a man who’d just dodged a bullet.

“I’m not sure I’m upset,” he said.

As for the winners, Gowdy had a grin from ear to ear.

“I’m excited, yeah,” she said. “I’m looking forward to the next four years.

“People wanted change and that’s what happened.”

Before the results were released, Cameron was philosophical, saying he was prepared to serve another four years but would accept the results if defeated.

“I was grateful for the opportunity to serve and I’m grateful for another four years,” he said. “I do have plans such as I’d like to see a Central Frontenac Chamber of Commerce, there’s a need to demystify the planning process, be more specific with contracts and we need work on Westport, Raymo and Echo Lake Roads.

“But I’m grateful tonight.”

Heese wasn’t sure he’d be returning to Council.

“I only had a concession speech prepared,” he said.

There were no speeches at all in fact. Once the results were announced, Oso Hall cleared out pretty quick (with several Council members heading to Dewey’s victory party at the Arden Legion).

“I’m fine,” said Burke. “But I did want to thank all the people who supported me.

“The other think I wanted to say is that I’m filled with tears and deeply touched.”

Even though she didn’t have to campaign, Mayor Smith was still excited and apprehensive for all the candidates.

“I woke up this morning thinking about this,” she said. “Having been there a number of times, I know how nervous everybody is.”

Whan echoed those sentiments.

“I’m grateful to be here and not have to worry,” she said. “Last time, I was shaking in my boots.”

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