Oct 17, 2018

The Scotts of Kennebec held a reunion in October of 2016 with relatives coming from across Canada to attend. It was a celebration and sharing of their heritage when their ancestors Daniel Scott [1822-1911] and Phoebe Parks[1815-c.1891] came with their young family up the Salmon River from Hay Bay in 1855.

Another reunion is planned for the extended Scott-Parks family at Arden Sunday Oct.21 (noon-4:30 p.m.). There will be the dedication of a plaque to be placed in the Kennebec Heritage Garden, just across the road from the Arden millpond. The Scotts are honoured to be among the first families to be represented. All community members interested in local history are welcome.

Family members will have the opportunity to contribute to the cost of the plaque, make a donation toward lunch and the Kennebec & District Historical Society. At noon people may go with the group to the cemetery, then at 1 p.m. to the millpond, then 2 p.m. to the community hall for lunch, to view displays and share stories. Plans are in the works to produce a family book.

The Scott family would like to congratulate the Kennebec & District Historical Society for their efforts to establish a Heritage Garden near the millpond. Community members interested in local history can support this local organization with a donation to the Society. It is a registered Canadian charity and can offer tax receipts.

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