| Jul 11, 2018

About a dozen people turned out last Friday morning in Arden for what’s become an annual event — cleaning up the town.

“It’s a Friends of Arden project, but we have support from (acting public works manager) David Armstrong and the Township; they’ll pick up the brush,” said organizer Judy Kennedy.

Priority items on this day included brushing on corners to increase visibility, work on the Matson wild trail and cleaning up the big tree that had fallen into the Creek along Anne Street.

“It came down during that huge wind storm in May,” Kennedy said. “We decided to leave the one the beaver cut down because it isn’t interrupting flow.”

This is the second cleanup event Arden has every year, she said.

“There’s the Trash Bash in April, usually before the blackflies come, and then after the flies are gone, we do this,” she said. “We do it every year.”

The work usually ends around noon.

“The ‘cooking crew’ usually arrives around 11am and when they’re ready, we stop for lunch,” she said.

“We’re so lucky.”

“This is the easiest village to get people to come out and help.”

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