| Jun 13, 2018

Central Frontenac Council opted to go with entrance stairs over ceiling insulation at Oso Hall at its regular meeting Tuesday evening in Sharbot Lake.

Manager of Development Services and CBO Shawn Merriman told Council that there is no foundation under the steps leading to Oso Hall and as such “the cost will be much higher than we budgeted for.”

Merriman said that they could take funds budgeted for insulation in the ceiling or look at a temporary solution for the stairs.

“My recommendation is to fix the stairs properly and we’re looking at $20,000 for that,” he said. “We might even be able to do some of the ceiling.”

“If we don’t insulate the ceiling, will we be losing money from heating the hall?” said Councillor Bill MacDonald.

“The ceiling’s been on the list for seven years so another year won’t make much difference,” said Merriman.

“I think we need some more lighting on the stairs,” said Dep. Mayor Tom Dewey.

“If we do that, we definitely won’t have enough to do any of the ceiling,” said Merriman. “Any time you put anything in concrete, it costs you money.”

Council instructed Merriman to investigate the cost of ground level lights in the stairs and/or higher level lighting and to proceed with fixing the stairs.

Merriman also reported that other repairs and projects are almost completed, such as the canteen at Oliver Scott Park in Sharbot Lake.

“I heard they made $100 at the canteen last night,” said Mayor Frances Smith.

“This will be the first facility with security cameras,” said Merriman. “The equipment has been installed and will be functional shortly.”

Coun. Bill MacDonald asked Merriman to look into getting signs stating that security cameras are in place.

“I’ve had success with the signs at my own personal property,” MacDonald said.

He didn’t say if he had cameras, only signs.

And still with ball diamonds, Merriman said the field in Mountain Grove is operational.

Coun. John Purdon said there is still a bit of a gully between the outfield and infield and more fill is needed. Purdon also suggested that the sign pointing to the old ball field be removed and relocated somewhere closer to the new ball field.

Fire Chief Greg Robinson told Council that Sub Fire Station Trucks are over-weighted and options for service levels at these stations will be provided through the master fire plan.

“A request was made at the last meeting the Dep. Chief was at for information on what it would take to make the substations a full station,” said Coun. Brent Cameron. “What physical and mechanical capacities would be required?”

“I have to apologize councilor, I didn’t get that request,” said Robinson. “But there will be options in the Fire Master Plan.

Coun. John Purdon wanted to know if there was going to be an open house on the Fire Master Plan like those for the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaws.

“Generally, there’s some public consultation but that usually consists of a committee of residents,” said Robinson.

The Fire Master Plan is scheduled to be rolled out over several meetings but there are is only one meeting in July and one in August. And one of those meetings will be in Arden which tends to be the longest meeting of the year.

“They feed us dinner,” said Mayor Frances Smith.

At the request of GREC Parents Council representative Rhonda Watkins, Council voted to give the school $1,000 for Tello Drones so teacher Wade Leonard’s ground-breaking drone project can be expanded.

“Currently, it’s only for Grade 11s but with these five new drones, they can expand it to many more classes including Grade 3,” Watkins said.

She said the parents council was prepared to help fund it but they’d already spent what they’d raised this year for the school trip.

“It’s the only program like it in Ontario and it will provide excellent skills for our students,” she said.

She said they need the funding now in order to have a course outline ready for September.

Coun. Brent Cameron urged Watkins to approach the Limestone District School Board for an additional $885 for goggles which will allow the students to see what the drones are seeing in real time.

“The school program has done some things for the Township, mapping and aerial photography for no cost, so it would be like reciprocating in kind,” said Clerk-Administrator Cathy MacMunn.

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