May 23, 2018

Stephen Gebhardt is a blue-green libertarian.

He lives the lifestyle any Green Party member would envy in a rural off-grid house on 100 acres south of Arden with his wife and two children. They make their own power with wind turbines and solar panels, and get their own wood to heat the house off of the rural property. But Gebhardt also works in resource extraction as an airborne geophysicist, spending two months at time flying over landscapes around the world conducting research for private and public sector interests. And he was a long time Conservative party supporter until becoming disillusioned after the fiscal collapse of 2008. His interest politics has never waned and he has drifted over to the Ontario Libertarian party, which is for the most part web-based.

“The party fits the way I think about things very well, and with 117 candidates out of 124 ridings, we are doing well to put ourselves out there this time around,” he said.

Gebhardt will be participating in the all candidates night in Sydenham on Monday night (see notice on page 1) and will be profiled in the Frontenac News election primer in next week’s paper. He has attracted some attention as an off-grid libertarian, so much so that CBC Ottawa is coming out to the Gebhardt homestead to interview him on camera sometime this week.

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