| May 16, 2018

A stripped down Day of the Pig is set for Sunday at the Seed to Sausage retail store on Road 38 (12821) south of Sharbot Lake.

After moving the popular event to the Sharbot Lake beach, expanding it and charging a $20 admission, Seed to Sausage owner Mike Mckenzie found himself too busy with other projects, in particular a new opportunity at a new high end mall in Newmarket, to turn his attention to organizing the annual event.

In March he decided to cancel, but he recently had a change of heart

“A few weeks ago I realized that people might come anyway, expecting something to be going on, so since we were opening the store as we always do on the Sunday of the Victoria Day weekend, I thought we might as well put something together. I have no expectations about it, it will just be a party for everyone who stops by.”

This year there will be roast suckling pig, the store will be stocked, the Foley Mountain Playboys (Tom Savage, Kevin Davidson, Kevin Bowers, Geoff Chown, and Bonz Bowering) will perform, Big Rig Brewery will be on hand with a selection of their best beers on tap, and their will be other entertainers.

Although there will be no vendors village this year, neither will their be an admission fee.

The Day of the Pig runs from 11-4 on Sunday, May 19. There is no admission fee.

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