May 16, 2018

Love You to the Moon is Shawna Mathison’s first book of poetry for children, and it reflects her exploration of the universal aspects of children that can be hidden when the differences between us become the focus.

She has written 5 books, the first ones were in the junior fiction/fantasy genre, and after ths book of poetry she is working on her first adult novel. Her last two books, including Love You to the Moon, have been published by Pemmican Publications, a Metis press out of Winnipeg.

Love you to the Moon is for the child in all of us” she said.

It’s one long poem that is more impressionistic than anything else Shawna has written, looking into a diversity of family makeups and fostering acceptance of differences. She does all of her own illustrations.

She will be holding a book launch at the Cardinal Cafe on Saturday, May 26 from 1-4pm, which will include a number of readings from her new work.

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