| Aug 23, 2017

For the ninth consecutive year, the Procter sisters, Theresa, Becki and Katie (Ansley) braved the waters of Sharbot Lake to raise funds for the fight against cancer last Saturday morning.
As always, they began at the docks in Sharbot Lake Provincial Park and swam the 3 kilometres to Oso Beach, this year in just about one hour and 35 minutes.
“It was rough this year, except between the islands, but we made good time, about average for us,” said Theresa. “This was a bit of a different year for us because Uncle Keith just passed away from cancer.

“That was more motivation.”
“It was quite a shock jumping in,” said Katie, who was a bit under the weather earlier that morning but trooped on nonetheless. “But once we got in we never thought about it again.”
Abbie, Katie’s daughter jumped in and joined them for the part between the islands where the water was calmer.

“The weather was threatening but luckily it held off long enough for us to get it in,” said Theresa. “The rain held off but there weren’t many boats on the lake and not much wildlife except for a few seagulls.”
The total raised this year was about $1,500 when they jumped in with another $200 at least yet to come. In the nine years, the girls have raised more than $13,500.
“This was one of our best years yet,” said Theresa.

You can still donate at convio.cancer.ca.

The girls plan to continue next year, especially because sister Katie is moving back home to Ontario.
“Next year is the big one, 10 years,” she said. “Maybe we’ll mix things up a bit.
“Maybe we’ll make it extra hard like by wearing clothes.”
“I don’t think so,” said Theresa.

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