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$150 per month, before discounts

That's how much online advertising costs with the Frontenac News. More details on discounts are available below.

DurationDiscountPer Month
2 Months 5% $142.50
3 Months 10% $135
4 Months 15% $127.50
6 Months 20% $120
1 Year 30% $105

 What do you get for that money?

Placement in one of four categories

Our website is divided into four categories. This lets you target the readers that you're trying to reach:

  • South Frontenac
  • Central Frontenac & Lanark
  • North Frontenac & Addington Highlands
  • Avid Readers (Frontenac County, Obituaries, Editorials, Letters, and Regular Columns)

The first three are geographically based, so if you want to reach users in South Frontenac for example, you'll place an ad in that category.

"Avid Readers" is a catch-all category for everything else on the site, and is the best way to generally target our entire readership.

Rotation on the homepage

All ads on our site are rotated on the homepage.

Your choice between a rectangle banner, or a leaderboard banner

A. Leaderboard Banner

728 pixels by 90 pixels.

2 Available Per Category

This banner is displayed at the top of every page, above the fold. On mobile devices, it is pinned to the bottom of the screen until the user has scrolled 400px.

B. Rectangle Banner

336 pixels by 280 pixels.

4 Available Per Category

These banners offer the most mobile real estate, and on desktop are surrounded by negative space to draw the eye.

Here is how they appear across our website:

Ad Spots

Multiple Banners in One Spot (optional)

You can submit multiple banners to rotate in your one ad spot. When the user loads the page, one of the banners will be served at random. This can be useful for showcasing multiple products to users as they go from page to page.

These additional banners are stored in an animated gif. A consequence of this system is that animated banner ads are not possible on this platform.

That's it!

If you'd like to advertise with us, get in touch with our office. You can do so by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 613-279-3150.

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