Valerie Allan | Oct 21, 2015

On September 29, Grade 9 to 12 students and chaperones from North Addington Education Centre headed off for an overnight trip to Stratford. This trip was made possible by the very generous help given to the school by the Education Department in Stratford, who covered most of the costs. Some students chose to see “Anne Frank”, while others chose “Hamlet”.

Students had a packed agenda. On arrival in Stratford, the students toured the Anne Frank exhibit at the local museum. On September 30, they headed off for a “Warehouse” tour, in which they learned about how costumes, props and sets are made, and tried a few costumes on for size.

At 11am the students attended a “Prologue”, which was a workshop with actors from their play. Students spent an hour doing drama activities and asking questions, prior to their play’s matinee at 2pm. Featured in the “Anne Frank” prologue were Cassandra Parks, Shaelynn Flagler, Madi Lemke, and Nathan Whitelock. Students in the “Hamlet” prologue were Mackenzie Johnson, Kara Rosien, Lucas Parks and Ilia Salvaterra.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the productions they attended. Aaron Smith said, “I was not sure if I wanted to go on the trip, but I’m so glad I did as I loved Hamlet. I don’t usually go for theatre things, but it was great.” Olivia Bence, who attended “Anne Frank”, loved the set, which was “like magic” in the way parts appeared and disappeared.

Many students expressed a hope to attend another play next year.

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