Valerie Allan | May 17, 2012

Photo: Courtney  Johnson with her art.

On May 8, Haily Whitelock and Courtney Johnson of North Addington Education Centre attended the Grand Opening of the Lennox and Addington Hospital Art Gallery’s spring exhibition of students’ work in Napanee. In a standing-room only event, students were presented with certificates recognizing their work as an image of the artwork in question was projected on a large screen. This format, highlighting the work and the student at the same time, was very effective.

Haily Whitelock’s print of a heart was displayed in the same frame as her fellow-student, Robyn Cornish’s print with the same subject matter. Haily’s mother and grandmother accompanied her. Haily is a talented artist in Grade 9 at NAEC. She excels in drawing, printmaking, sculpture, design, and ceramics.

Courtney Johnson, who is in Grade 10, was in the company of her father. Her brother was also present, having driven from Toronto for the occasion. Courtney had a feline theme in her drawing and print. Courtney has great success in drawing in the medium of charcoal, and her wood-cut print was equally successful. She demonstrates creativity and ingenuity in design and sculpture, as well.

The audience was audibly impressed with Kyle Deruchie’s wood-cut print of a wolf. Kyle was unable to attend. His sensitive portrayal of a wolf is particularly effective in the wood-cut print, as the grain is also incorporated into the texture of the print.

Colista McQuigge’s watercolour entitiled “Maple” was also selected, and displayed, but Colista was unable to attend.

Principal Angela Salmond said, “I am very proud, but not very surprised, that our students have made such a good showing. We have a very creative and talented body of students at NAEC. Our hallways and classrooms are a testimony to our student’s abilities.”

The L & A Hospital Student’s Art Exhibition is displayed in a hallway to the right of the main entrance. It is a light and airy space, with plenty of natural light.

NAEC Open House By Valerie Allan

North Addington Education Centre’s Open House on May 10 was a great success, with a lot of parents and students in attendance. School Council provided hot dogs and hamburgers for the attendees, which were cooked by students. There were also soft drinks available. Parents were able to tour both Elementary and Secondary classrooms and see what their (and other) students had been doing.  

Ms. Lucas’s class had their Mother’s Day presents on display. These consisted of flower pots or bowls which the students had made in class, and had fired in the kiln on the Secondary side of the school. Students then decorated their pottery with glaze. The pottery was fired for a second time, and the students had a dishwasher and microwave safe piece of pottery to give for Mother’s Day.

Parents, students and staff were treated to a sneak preview of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Lydia Kellar (as Willy Wonka) performed 'Pure Imagination', and Dallas Arney (as Charlie Bucket) and Morgan Wood (as Mr. Bucket) performed 'Think Positive'. The show is June 6 and 7, at 6:30pm.

Ms. Yanch spoke to Grade 8 students and their parents about what to expect for next year. It was an information-packed event which touched on the different pathways students could choose, the supports in place to help them be successful, and the work-habits they will need. She also touched on the volunteer hours they will need to complete in order to graduate. She stressed that, although NAEC is a small school, it can provide a variety of curriculum through various means such as on-line courses and correspondence. NAEC also has an extensive Co-operative Education program. The small class size works in the students’ favour, as teachers actually have time to sit down and go over content with their students.

Principal Angela Salmond remarked, “The transition from Elementary to Secondary School is less stressful for our students, as they have usually had some contact with the Secondary side, and often have relatives already attending the Secondary side.”


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