May 08, 2014

by Valerie Allan

On Thursday, April 24, a bus full of North Addington Education Centre students travelled to Sharbot Lake to visit Granite Ridge Education Centre for a concert by Kate Reid. 35 students were warmly welcomed by Heather Highet, principal of GREC, who was there to greet the bus.

The students were from the ReStart program, the Pink Panthers group, and Grade 9, 10 and 11 students who were interested in anti-bullying, and seeing the performance (and who also no doubt wanted a look at the brand new school).

After lunch in the cafeteria, and further greetings by Wendy Russell, Student Success Teacher at GREC, NAEC students were taken on a tour of the new school by a group of GREC students. The GREC students were obviously proud of their new school, and the visitors were particularly impressed with all the windows, which offer a lot of natural light.

They then enjoyed a concert by Kate Reid, a self-styled “queer-activist-musician” who takes on issues of bullying, difference and gender identity. This concert was one of a number organized by Meri MacLeod, the Human Rights, Equity & Inclusive Education Advisor for the Limestone District School Board. The performance was high-energy and challenged the audience to really think about how humans try to categorize people and make them fit into a certain mould.

The NAEC students were particularly pleased to attend, as it was a good follow-up activity to their Day of Pink


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