Valerie Allan | Mar 05, 2014

North Addington Education Centre students celebrated winter on February 28, with a Carnaval. They were joined by students from Granite Ridge Education Centre and Clarendon Public School. The event was organized by Madame Douwes, the Elementary French teacher, as part of a project involving other French teachers and students. Because of the icy temperatures, some events had to be changed so all events took place in the school, rather than outside, as previously planned. This led to some quick adjustments by Madame Douwes, assisted by a number of secondary teachers. Many secondary students volunteered to help run activities, making it a great co-operative learning experience for the entire school. Elementary students and their teachers cycled through a variety of events, including face painting, hockey golf, a three-legged race, maple taffy making, a wheelbarrow race, birdfeeder making, and crepe-eating. Points and prizes were awarded to students who made the extra effort to speak French throughout the day. Bonhomme, a mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnaval, made an appearance at the beginning of the day, and kept popping in on activities as the day progressed.

The day was a very busy one, and the students had a lot of fun as they learned about French activities and culture. Principal Angela Salmond said that at the end of the day Mr. Mooney addressed the assembly, and encouraged “Three cheers for Madame Douwes,” and the students erupted into deafening cheers. Madame Douwes remarked that it was the joint effort of all the students and staff at the school that resulted in such a successful day.

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