| Feb 05, 2014

Canada Post making changes in Cloyne

Canada Post is contemplating cutting Saturday service at the Cloyne Post Office. The office serves the communities of Cloyne, Northbrook, Flinton and Kaladar and until now it has been open six days a week.

Although the changes are not final, the ones that have been suggested will alter the weekday hours marginally, and perhaps add an hour on Friday afternoon, but the 9-12 Saturday morning hours are on the chopping block.

The changes have been discussed with the postmaster and a letter by Glen Baldock, local area manager of Canada Post's Kingston office, has been sent to Addington Highlands Council.

There has been no word on changes to the Denbigh Post Office.

While the changes being contemplated in Cloyne are smaller than those that were proposed last month for the Maberly, Parham, and Godfrey post offices, a common goal is the elimination of Saturday hours.

Fax service available at AH libraries

A $13,000 Trillium Foundation grant has enabled the purchase of print/copy fax machines for both the Flinton and Denbigh public libraries, so those services are now available at each branch. The grant also enabled the library to upgrade all the monitors on the public access computers to 24 inches. As well, each branch now includes a fully accessible workstation.

“The new service and upgrades will enhance access to information and communications technology services for all residents and visitors to our area,” said June Phillips, the CEO of the Addington Highlands Public Library.

“I am pleased at the Trillium Foundation's contributions to improvements at these libraries ... I congratulate the team at the Addington Highlands Public Library for their continuing efforts on behalf of local residents,” said MPP Randy Hillier.

$90,000 plan for kitchen in Denbigh Community Centre

Councilor Tony Fritsch outlined plans for a new kitchen in the new Addington Highlands Community Centre - Denbigh. He asked Council to approve the draft and award the drawing preparation contract, for up to $850, to York Lindner. The kitchen itself will only be built if a Trillium or other grant application is successful. Council approved the plan.

$500 for Land O'Lakes Garden Club

Council approved a $500 grant to the Land O'Lakes Garden Club, which puts planters at various locations throughout the township.

Fire hall tender hits $1.4 million

A letter from Jewell Engineering confirmed a price for the construction contract to build the Northbrook fire hall at $1.43 million. Construction is set to start this spring.

Candidate for mayor

Gerry Bray, who has thrown his hat in the ring against incumbent Reeve Henry Hogg for this October's election, was on hand to observe the meeting.a

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