Valerie Allan | Jun 27, 2013

Mr. Hill, Ms. Cuthill and Ms. Buck took their students to the Secondary side to participate in a dance-off on June 11 at NAEC. This was the culmination of a project by Mrs. Walker's Grade 10 Physical Education class, which counts for 15% of the students' final mark. Deanna Allen, Jessica Chatson, Racheal Dorion, Tara Pringle, Taylor Salmond, Haily Whitelock and Cayley Wilson led the Elementary classes in dancing.

The Grade 10 students were completing an assignment which measured their leadership qualities, ability to work with peers, communication skills, and engagement in a different type of fitness activity (other than sports). The students had to learn the steps of the dance themselves, and then teach them to the Elementary students.

The Grade 10 students had to work with their Elementary peers over the course of a couple of weeks, involving two or three sessions to practice the dance. After the Elementary students had learned the dance, the teachers decided it would be fun to have an entire gym full of students dancing.

Each class ran through the dance once, as the other students looked on, and then there was a dance-off, in which all the students danced at the same time. The judges were Mrs. Salmond and Ms. Allan. They had a hard time deciding which class was the most engaged and energetic, as everyone seemed to be having a good time, particularly when doing the do-si-do. They declared all three classes winners.

Both students and teachers really enjoyed the exercise. Principal Angela Salmond said, "It is always good to see our teachers working together, and this was a particularly enjoyable event because the students were working together, too."

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