| Jan 07, 2010

The Township of Addington Highlands and the Flinton Recreation Club have worked out an agreement that will lead to the construction of a coverall roof over the Flinton outdoor ice rink.

The $372,000 project received funding support for 2/3 of the cost from provincial-federal infrastructure funding, and the rec. club has half of the remaining third ($64,000) on hand. That still left a $64,000 shortfall. Even though the township made the application for the grant, they have no money available for it, and this left the recreation club wondering if the project would be able to proceed.

But an agreement has been worked out whereby the township will borrow $64,000 from an Infrastructure Ontario lending program, and the rec. club will pay it back through future fundraising. Carolyn Hasler of the Flinton Rec. Club said she was satisfied with the arrangement. “We'll get our roof, that's the main thing,” she said.

The club has ongoing fundraising events, including a New Year's Eve dance, several dinners, and the Flinton Jamboree, and are optimistic the money can be raised in a relatively short time.

The project is being planned now, and will go ahead this year. 

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