Victoria Peeling | Mar 25, 2010

King Max Bumstead and Queen Brianna TryonT

On Tuesday March 9, Mr. Rewbotham's Grade 4/5 class spent their morning preparing for a medieval feast. They held their feast that afternoon with help from the Elementary French teacher, Mme. Bumstead, and six parent volunteers cooking and serving food, as well as doing dishes. The meal includes two different kinds of "ale" along with turkey, potatoes, carrots, turnips, stuffing, homemade bread, and gravy. Many of the students dressed in costumes to fit their position in the feast. Max Bumstead and Brianna Tryon took on the parts of King and Queen, where in which they were dressed in royalty costumes and waited on by others at the feast.  

 "All together the medieval feast was a fantastic learning experience, it was very authentic." said Mr. Rewbotham.

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