| May 20, 2010

Dave Winney was cruising down Highway 41 on his motorcycle on May 5 when he noticed that the highway sign he had put up next to the highway south of Northbrook for his wife Chris Winney’s real estate business had been damaged.

“I wasn’t that alarmed at first. I remember being a kid and doing things without thinking about the consequences, but when I got closer and saw that there was a swastika painted over Chris’ face on the sign I started to take it more seriously,” said Dave Winney.

Since that first incident, there have been two more. The flagpole was torn down at Chris Winney’s real estate office and the Canadian flag thrown to the ground, and a few days later two trailers on the site and an RV had hateful words painted on them. Chris Winney’s face was painted over in black, and some graphic images were painted on the trailers.

Dave Winney put out a poster asking for information, and offered a reward. “Tips came flooding in, and they are damning and consistent” said Dave Winney.

The OPP have been contacted, and they are conducting an investigation. As of yet, no arrests have been made.

Dave Winney said that one positive consequence of these incidents has been the support that has been forthcoming from community members, who are horrified by the incidents.

“I thank the many people of Northbrook who have either stepped up to the plate or just called to offer support,” he said. 

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