Jule Koch Brison | May 20, 2010

In April, Ken Hook, manager of the Land o’Lakes Tourist Association, wrote a letter to council about waste pickup, canteen roof repairs and periodic inspection of the Northbrook Skate Park. Council agreed with Hook that the skate park should be inspected regularly for dangerous things such as broken glass, etc., but had difficulty deciding whom it could delegate to do the work. The matter was left with Roads Superintendent Royce Rosenblath, who will report back to council with a recommendation.The township’s application for a subsidy to complete a Municipal DataWorks project has been approved. The township will receive 50% of expenditures up to $5000, for a maximum of $2500. The project is a bridge inspection and roads needs study, and Jewell Engineering has quoted $8000 for the study. Council discussed getting another quote, but it was felt that since Jewell Engineering already is familiar with the township’s bridges and roads, as it has completed many such projects for the township, another company would be more expensive as it would have to start from scratch. Council appointed Jewell Engineering to carry out the DataWorks project.

Some landowners on the un-maintained portion of Clark Line Road approached Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch to ask for a load of gravel and the installation of a culvert. Royce Rosenblath reminded council that the same request was brought to council last year but was refused.Yanch asked how much it would cost to fulfill the request and Rosenblath estimated it would be about $500. The other councilors brought up the objection that acceding to this request would set a precedent for other un-maintained roads. Yanch said that for her the main consideration was that the landowners should have access to their properties, and she brought forward a motion to provide the culvert and gravel for the Clark Line landowners. However, none of the other councilors would second the motion so it was dropped.Council then continued to discuss the township’s lack of a policy for its many un-maintained roads, and decided to ask the engineers who will be doing the roads needs study for a recommendation.It was also suggested that the township could do spot improvements under an agreement for a fee.Royce Rosenblath also said that the township does have used culverts and could give the landowners one that is in good shape. Yanch said that would “show them that we are trying to do what we can.”

The 2010 tax by-law was adopted.

A by-law to authorize voting by telephone/internet for the upcoming municipal elections was deferred to the next meeting as Clerk Jack Pauhl said he is still waiting for an agreement to arrive. 

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