Victoria Peeling | Apr 29, 2010

In the month of April, on the 22nd day, a very special thing is celebrated every year, Earth Day. Earth Day is a day to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It's celebrated in multiple countries each year and everyone participates in the appreciation of our planet.

On the morning of Thursday April 22, 2010 Grades 9-12 at North Addington Education Center participated in a scavenger hunt, organized by the Environmental Science teacher, Ms. Melissa Randle and a few of the students.

"I'm really impressed with the Musical Theater class, the Grade 10 Gym class, and the Fashion class for sorting their scavenger hunt items. The event was definitely a success; not only was it fun, the school is even looking cleaner," says Ms. Randle.

Later that day, secondary students were shown a brief video about recycling, made by the high school's very own Environmental Science class. Afterward, students celebrated Earth Day by spending part of their afternoon outside, with blue gloves and garbage bags picking up any garbage and recycling they saw around the school yard, the football field, the track, the front lawn, and even across the street around the library and the museum.

"It's great to see everyone working together for such a great cause, I'm very proud of our students," stated Mrs. Salmond.  

Overall, the participants in the school clean up did a wonderful job, had fun and did their part for the planet.

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