Valerie Allan | Apr 08, 2010

Back:  Terry Murphy, Charles James, Daryn Bolland, Drew Parks; Middle: Val Allan, Peter Rasenberg, Jennifer Thurston, Tia Cornish, Katie Ohlke; Front:  Ryan Raymo, Brady Douglas, Chris Jordan, Mandy Pringle and Victoria Peeling

On March 31, two school buses filled with students from NAEC went to St. Lawrence College, Kingston, to cheer their classmates on in the Limestone Skills Competition. The competitors were Ryan Raymo, Chris Jordan and Drew Parks (Construction), Brady Douglas (Welding), Tia Cornish and Victoria Peeling (Photography), Daryn Bolland, Jennifer Thurston and Mandy Pringle (Graphic Design), and Terry Murphy and Charles James (Prepared Speech).

All of the students made a very strong showing at the event, which attracted over 400 students from the Limestone District School Board, as well as neighbouring boards.  As several speakers noted, just participating in the event made all the students winners.  

Charles James won the Gold Medal for Prepared Speech, while Terry Murphy garnered the Bronze Medal. Charles will go on to represent the Limestone District School Board Team at the Provincial Skills Competition held in Kitchener in May. Both students spoke on the topic of “Skilled Trades and Technology Careers: the connections to Canada’s future”. Charles concentrated on the field of artificial intelligence, while Terry Focused on the career of a Naval Electronics Technician.

The Photography students were sent out with cameras to take photographs of the competitions, and then processed their pictures to be judged. The Graphics students went with prepared portfolios and displays, and had to “sell” their product to the judges. The Carpentry and Welding students were given instructions and diagrams to interpret and complete a project.

NAEC was proud to have students compete in (and demonstrate proficiency in) five of the categories. The two busloads of students completed a tour of St. Lawrence and went to encourage their classmates in their different endeavours. The Grade 8 class accompanied the secondary students, as part of the process of transition to high school and beyond.


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