| Jun 10, 2010

GRAVEL CRUSHING PRICE DOWN – There were few bidders for the Addington Highlands gravel crushing tender this year, but one of them, from Danfords construction, was more than a third lower than the price the township paid past year.

The price submitted by Danfords was $3.90 a tonne. This is down from the $5.98 the township paid last year, a price that was in line with what the township has been paying in recent years.

MATAWATCHAN SPEED LIMIT TO GO DOWN – the construction company that is upgrading part of the Matawatchan Road in the northeast corner of the township has proposed that the speed limit on the new part be dropped to 60km/hr from 80 for insurance purposes. Council decided to drop the speed limit on the entire road to 60km/hr.

SKATEBOARD PARK CLEAN UP – The roads department has done some maintenance work at the skateboard park in Northbrook, including filling in an old well that was a safety hazard, and has come up with a plan and some staffing to keep the Northbrook skateboard park clean. Works Manager Royce Rosenblath reported that the roof of the canteen at the park needs replacing. It was suggested that the township might supply the labour to replace it if the materials can be provided through fundraising.


A seemingly routine invitation to the Weslemkoon Cottage Association Annual meeting, this year being advanced to “all those that are running in the upcoming municipal election”, brought a resigned response from Reeve Henry Hogg. “It says here 'they will have questions to be answered', and I'm sure they will,” said Hogg. “I hope everyone is up for a grilling.”

The meeting is scheduled for July 31.

COUNTY WANTS IN ON MUNICIPAL COMPLEX – Reeve Hogg reported that the Chief Executive Officer from Lennox and Addington County, Larry Keech, had approached him about the proposed new location for the Addington Highlands township offices and Northbrook Fire Hall, and asked if the county might piggyback on the project and put a new ambulance base there as well. “I told him there were no plans to proceed on that this year,” said Hogg, “but we should send them a letter asking for input.”

The township has purchased land on Highway 41 south of Northbrook for a new municipal complex but no money has yet been budgeted for construction.

JOINT COUNCIL MEETING - A joint Council meeting between Addington Highlands and North Frontenac is scheduled for later this month.

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