Jule Koch Brison | Aug 12, 2010

A request was received from Tanglewood Marina for permission to bring a load of loose garbage – i.e. garbage that was not in bags - to the dump. Apparently animals had gotten into the garbage.Council refused the request, citing that the waste site attendant would have to do extra work in order to deal with the load and also that the township needs to keep track of the volume of garbage that is brought into the dump. Council voted to send a message back that all garbage has to be in the prescribed clear bags.

Council voted to support a petition from the Town of New Tecumseth for the Ontario government to rescind the HST.

Councilor Janice Kerr reported that the Canada Day celebrations and the two “Music in the Park” events have been well attended. She said that people are already gearing up for “Countryfest”, a 3-day celebration coming up on September 17, 18 & 19.

Reeve Henry Hogg reported that he had met with Dr. Tobia to discuss plans for the Northbrook Family Health Team to establish a five-day a week satellite medical clinic in Denbigh. The plan is to house the clinic in the Denbigh school and Hogg said that the clinic would likely be self-supporting, as the ongoing expenses of maintaining it would be offset by the rent, which would be approximately $18,000 a year from the family health team and $10,000 from the doctors. However, the unknown factors are the cost of renovating the school to turn it into a medical clinic, and also, the status of the school itself, which the township is hoping to buy from the Limestone District School Board (LDSB) for a nominal fee.Council has been waiting to hear from the LDSB and voted to request an answer from the LDSB once again.

Councilor Eythel Grant deals with nuisance beavers for the township and was told by owners of a property on White Lake Road that they did want their beavers trapped. The beavers in question are plugging up a culvert on the road. Council voted to send a letter to the property owners that they would have to keep the culvert clear themselves if they do not want the beavers trapped.

Council passed a by-law to establish the speed limit on the Matawatchan Road from Vennachar to the intersection with the Renfrew County Boundary as 60 kilometres per hour.

Council passed a by-law to establish a policy of notification of limited municipal services when building permits are issued for dwelling units on lots of record that are accessed by water or by un-maintained township roads. Building permits for water-access lots will have the wording: “The Township does not assume the responsibility for access to this lot or for the provision of emergency services”, and building permits for lots accessed by un-maintained township roads will have the wording “The Township does not assume the responsibility of maintenance on this road. The provision of emergency services (fire, police and ambulance) may also be limited.”


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