Jule Koch Brison | Oct 21, 2010

The Land o’Lakes Lions will hold their annual voluntary toll on Hwy 41 in Northbrook on October 30.

Council considered the possibility of applying to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s 2010-2011 Creative Communities Prosperity Fund (CCPF). While it was felt that Addington Highlands would not likely meet the criteria for the CCPF as the program is geared towards cultural mapping and planning, Councilor Eythel Grant suggested that the township could apply for funding to transfer the library to the school. He said, “All they can do is turn us down.” The library board will be meeting before the CCPF application deadline of November 5, and the matter will be brought up for their consideration.

The Ministry of the Environment has informed the township of required amendments to the provisional Certificate of Approval for the Vennachar Waste Site. The township will have to purchase more land for the site from the crown land that surrounds the site. The MoE would like the purchase to be completed by the end of December 2011. Reeve Hogg said that while surveys would have to be done, he didn’t see any problem in meeting the requirements.

Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch brought two matters concerning County Road 29 to the attention of Roads Supervisor Royce Rosenblath. The first was about the painting of a yellow centre line on the road. Rosenblath said that the county would decide if a line was warranted by the traffic volumes, etc. but that they probably didn’t want to commit to doing all the county roads.Yanch, who as deputy reeve is a member of county council, said she imagined county council would approve the request if it was brought to them.

The second matter was about the stop sign on the Bridgewater side. Yanch said several people had reported seeing vehicles not stopping at the sign and she speculated it might be because a stop bar that was previously there had not been repainted at the spot.

Rosenblath said he would look into painting a stop bar there.


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