| Nov 04, 2010

Denbigh School purchase “imminent”

One of the hurdles to establishing a satellite medical clinic in Denbigh is about to be removed. The Limestone District School Board sent a letter to Addington Highlands Township last week formally offering to sell the Denbigh School to the township for $75,000 on an “as is” basis.

The board has received certification that all of the remaining asbestos in the building has been removed.

With the purchase of the school now imminent, although a final date for the transaction has not been indicated, the township will be contacting the retired school custodian in Denbigh who has been monitoring the building to see if he is willing to continue to do so for the township. As well, snow removal and water testing will need to be arranged.

Other items from Addington Highlands Council:


Pine Meadow will be starting up a $50,000 fund-raising campaign to support the redevelopment project. The township has allowed the Pine Meadow Management Committee to put up a thermometer sign at the Flinton Hall to mark the progress of the campaign.

KALADAR WASTE SITE – Works Manager Royce Rosenblath informed Council that the Ministry of the Environment is requiring that no less than 15 different issues need to be resolved at the Kaladar waste site. He will provide details as to cost.

BRUSHING – In response to a letter from Skootamatta resident Rosemary Teed complaining about the brushing job that was done on her road, Rosenblath said that the brushing is designed to limit growth in future years, even though it looks messy at the time.


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