Jule Koch Brison | Nov 18, 2010

Bill Cox, representing the Mazinaw Powerline Snowmobile Club, brought a request that council give a letter to the club confirming that it can use the O’Donnell Road bridge providing the club brings it up to snowmobiling standard and the bridge is signed as being for snowmobiles only, not for vehicular traffic.The question arose about whether vehicular traffic included ATVs, but Cox pointed out that ATVs are not allowed on snowmobile trails.Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch said that she is concerned about the bridge being closed to vehicular traffic; she thinks the bridge should be repaired and opened to vehicular traffic.Cox responded that that could be looked at in the spring after the snowmobile season has ended and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has taken its insurance off the trails.Council agreed to provide the letter.

A second letter was received from ratepayer Rosemary Teed about the work done by a brushing machine on the Jacques Bay Road. The letter reiterated points of complaint that were contained in Teed’s first letter and said, “…to cut the Jacques Bay Road and leave it in is this condition is a travesty; to continue to employ this machine in other areas is beyond comprehension…”.Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch said that she has received quite a few phone calls about the brushing job and she feels that there are safety and liability issues with the brushing work that was done. She brought forward a motion to halt the use of the use of the machine until the township could find a “better way” of doing the brushing.Councilor Louise Scott agreed with Yanch, saying that the road had been left in a dangerous condition, with tall stumps and debris.Councilor Eythel Grant said that the township has used the same machine for years.After more discussion, Reeve Hogg called for a vote, but as only Yanch and Scott supported the motion, it was defeated.

The township has been waiting for a report from Jewell Engineering about the Beattie’s Curve Road. A resident approached the township in the past asking for maintenance on the road in order to provide access for oil delivery trucks. Clerk Jack Pauhl confirmed that the road is a township road.Deputy Reeve Yanch said that her position on un-maintained township roads is well known – that she feels the township should provide ratepayers on un-maintained roads with some maintenance, such as an occasional load of gravel or a new culvert. The remainder of the present council has always taken the position that changing the policy of not providing any maintenance would be too expensive for the township.The township will look for the report from Jewell Engineering.


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