| Apr 04, 2013

Long wait for a bathroom break:

Paul Orser, who purchased the former United Church in Flinton and has been seeking leave to put in a septic system for nine months, will have to wait a few months longer. Orser intends to purchase part of a road allowance next to his property in order to have enough land to put an approved septic system in place, and Addington Highlands Council has indicated it is willing to sell. However, this cannot happen overnight.

Reeve Henry Hogg told Orser that Council must first declare the land surplus; there also must be a survey done, and then the land can be put up for sale, which requires public notice.

“It will take at least three months, as much as six,” said Clerk Jack Pauhl.

“It’s very complicated, and I’m afraid I haven’t explained it very well, “ said Reeve Hogg.

A rather bewildered Paul Orser, who has been using a rented porta-potty ever since taking possession of his property, said, “It’s very complicated for someone who just wants to go to the bathroom. So the minimum is three months - I’m sure you can understand my frustration.”

Council did take the next step in the process, by declaring the land surplus and approving its sale in principle. The motion passed by a 4-1 margin. Councilor Snider opposed it.

“Now what do I have to do?” asked Orser.

“Wait” advised Deputy Reeve Bill Cox.

Denbigh stage cannot be moved: Council considered a request to rent out a semi-portable stage that was constructed out of a converted tractor trailer and is on more or less permanent loan from the township to the Denbigh Recreation committee. Councilor Tony Fritsch said that a tractor is used to move the stage park in Denbigh for different uses from time to time, but it never goes more than 100 or 200 feet and never on a roadway.

“I think we should just say no to this request,” said Councilor Snider, and the rest of Council agreed.

Support for community efforts: Council agreed to waive waste site fees for the Skootmatta District Ratepayers Association annual clean up in August. It will also donate a number of clear logo bags to the Conservationists of Frontenac Addington for use during their annual fundraising BBQ on April 27.

The Denbigh hall rental fee has been waived for a Relay for Life fundraiser.

Fire Hall project still in limbo – Fire Chief Casey Cuddy asked Council if a decision is pending on whether to go with a design-build contract for the planned fire hall in Northbrook or to put out a tender for an architect to design the building.

“That decision will have to wait until budget deliberations,” said Reeve Hogg. Council will be discussing the 2013 budget next Tues. April 9 at 9 am.

Fixing potholes and sweeping up

Public Works Manager Royce Rosenblath said crews have been grading some roads on warmer days, but those days have been followed by freeze ups so it has felt more like one step forward two steps backward. "Once we get a run of warm days we'll be able to get all the roads in reasonable shape" he said, "and next will be dust on paved roads."

"Don't tell them in Northbrook, but they were sweeping when I was in Roblin the other day," said Reeve Hogg.

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