| Dec 22, 2011

Photo: Sierra's dad, Sean Baldacchin assists in her Locks for Love donation at NAEC

At the NAEC's final Pride Assembly for 2011, which took place on December 16, four young students were invited by the school's vice principal Mr. John Mooney to present a cheque to Carolyn Hasler, Chair of the Flinton Relay for Life. The cheque for $1734 will benefit cancer research, and represents the total amount that the 219 elementary students at the school raised at this year’s Terry Fox run, which took place in October. Cheque presenters included: from grade two, Emma Mc Fadden; from grade three Sasha Berndt, and Jakob Acosta-Vlasic; and from grade four Sierra Baldachin. The four students were chosen to make the presentation, since together they have raised close to $3,000 by cutting and donating their hair to either Locks for Love or Angel Hair for Children, two organizations that make wigs for patients who have lost their hair while undergoing cancer treatment.

The four students’ efforts, along with the cheque, brings the school’s total to just under $5,000, something the school can definitely be proud of. Following the presentation, student Sierra Baldachin invited her dad Sean to the stage to assist her in cutting off her 86 cm waist-length locks, which she has been growing since birth. Sierra’s grandmother died from cancer, and Sierra recalled the self-consciousness her grandmother experienced due to hair loss while undergoing her treatments. So for Sierra, cutting off her own locks made perfect sense. “I'll miss having long hair and I won't be able to do as much with what is left but I know that getting it cut will definitively change some people’s lives and that makes it all worth while.”

NAEC Vice Principal Mr. Mooney had nothing but praise for the efforts of the students at the school. “Part of the education we teach today is character education, which is all about helping students to see how they can make a difference and be a positive force in society. So by publicly recognizing and celebrating both the students’ group and individual efforts, I feel that we are showing them that they can indeed make a positive difference in the world.”

The school held their annual Christmas concert on Dec. 21, and guests were encouraged to bring non-perishable food items that will be donated to the local food bank.


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