| Nov 08, 2012

Legion wants canteen: Robert Wood, the vice-president of the Northbrook Legion, brought a proposal to Council that the Legion take over operation of the now unused canteen building beside the old skating rink in Northbrook.

The canteen has seen little use since the cancellation of the Northbrook Blueberry Festival almost 10 years ago. The Legion would like to set up games for Legion members and for local seniors as well, including lawn darts and horse shoes.

Robert Wood said that the Legion branch is aware that the building needs to be re-shingled, and if the township will pay for the shingles they will provide the labour. Wood also said that the Legion would like to negotiate a deal with the township whereby they will pay the hydro bill for the building in lieu of rent.

Council will consider the proposal and get back to the Legion with an answer.

Napanee District Community Foundation (NDCF): Dave Remington, the voluntary chief executive officer of the NDCF, came to Council to talk about the foundation's commitment to funding projects in rural L&A County.

“I know people often come to Council looking for money, and we want councils to remember that we give away money to local causes, and groups should be aware that they can come to us for support.”

The NDCF is an endowed foundation, spending the interest that is earned each year on their endowments.

“That has cut down on how much we can spend in recent years with low interest rates, but we do spend about $20,000 each year,” said Remington, "usually in grants in the $2,500 to $3,000 range."

One of the NDCF funds is the Mainaw One fund, which was set up by Ian Brummel and Marg Axford and which is oriented to projects in Addington Highlands.

In the past year, funding has gone to projects sponsored by Pine Meadow Nursing Home and Land O' Lakes Community Services (for the Land O'Lakes Food Bank).

The annual deadline for letters of intent is November 16, and full applications are due in early January. Remington encourages groups to go to NDCF.ca for further information.

Cafe in Denbigh: No one has come forward seeking to set up an alternative enterprise in the new Denbigh Community Centre, so the proposal by Joan MacLeod to open a bake shop/cafe can now be looked at by Council.

Clerk/Treasurer Jack Pauhl reported that the estimated cost of preparing the location in the new community centre for commercial use is $3,000.

“I have heard from some people who are objecting to us spending township money on a private venture,” said Deputy Mayor Bill Cox.

“It looks to some that we are building a coffee shop, but we are not,” said Reeve Henry Hogg. “We would have to do this work to pave the way for any kind of retail tenant, which was always the plan.”

“If we had to do it all over again, we would probably have done it differently, and planned to have the work done before any one came forward,” said Councilor Tony Fritsch.

Council approved the spending.

Joan MacLeod was present at the meeting. She met with Council in closed session after the public meeting was completed to discuss financial matters related to the proposed bake/coffee shop.

Job openings: The job of rink attendant in Denbigh, and the custodian position for both the Denbigh Hall and the Denbigh Recreation Centre are now open, and are being advertised this week.

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