Valerie Allan | Apr 12, 2012

NAEC students were very evident at the Limestone District Skills Competition at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, on April 4. 15 students competed in a variety of competitions, and a packed bus of 48 spectators and supporters turned out to cheer them on. Students watched their peers and others in a variety of activities which showed the many career opportunities in technology.

Terry Murphy researched and prepared a speech on the topic of Technology and then presented it in front a panel of judges and spectators for the Prepared Speech event.

In the Graphic Design contest, Morgan Wood and Natasha McIsaac each designed a poster, brochure front and t-shirt, and brought the finished products with them, along with a note book of rough work. They completed an intensive interview and presentation of their designs individually with a panel of expert judges.

For the Desktop Publishing challenge, Drake Murphy, Zach McQuigge and Will Kehoe planned and created a design for a bakery, using CS5 Photoshop. They created a logo, business card, sign and menu. Will Kehoe won the Bronze Medal.

Competitors for Team NAEC in “Team of two 2D Animation” were Megan Cruickshank & Summer Russell and Mike McEwen & Devon Salmond. Mike McEwen & Devon Salmond won Silver Medals. Students planned, created and presented an animation using CS5 Flash. This was the first year NAEC competed in this event.

Students brought two examples of their work, took a written test on Photoshop knowledge, went on a photo shoot and produced polished work for the Photography competition. Competitors for Team NAEC were Rebecca Kelsey, Carly Bond, Courtney McDowell-Yateman, Shannon Dorion, and Kayla Cuddy. Kayla Cuddy won the Gold Medal and will represent the Limestone District School Board at the Provincials at RIM Park, Waterloo, on May 1 & 2.

Ms. Buck’s class is bowled over!by Valerie Allan

Miss Buck’s Grade 5/6 class at NAEC will be eating their cereal and soup out of brand-new bowls. 25 students made pinch pots prior to March Break. The pots dried over the break, and were fired the first week back. Students then made a field trip to the Secondary side to glaze their bowls with dish-washer and microwave-safe glaze. The bowls were fired again, and students were able to take home food-safe bowls to show family members.

Pinch pots are one of the earliest forms of pottery. Students simply make a ball of clay and then press their thumbs into it, turning it, until it gradually becomes a bowl. The students worked very slowly and carefully, to make sure their bowls were an even thickness and height. While the bowls were drying, more than one high school student remarked that the grade 5/6 bowls were better than the bowls they made in Art class.

Students chose a variety of glazes to decorate their bowls. Some chose special glazes that produced a dramatic finish when fired, due to crystals in the glaze. Others chose a colourful under-glaze to paint designs, and then finished with a clear glaze. The results were some very attractive and useful bowls. No two bowls were alike in shape or decoration. Each student ended up with a unique bowl.

The Limestone District School Board funded the kiln, part of the rationale being that the kiln would serve both Elementary and Secondary students. Last year, several classes made tiles for Mother’s Day. Principal Angela Salmond is proud of the way North Addington works as a whole school. “The spirit of collaboration between teachers at the school has been increasing over the last couple of years. It contributes to the feeling of family which is part of the NAEC experience,” she remarked.


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