| Jul 28, 2011

Photo: Scott Cannata

Maybe it’s because Scott Cannata loves running and has developed a particular passion for distance running over the years, or maybe it’s because his name lends itself to a cross-Canada run. Maybe it’s because he has been touched by cancer within his own family, or maybe it’s because he is a fan of Terry Fox.

Whatever the reason, Scott Cannata decided that this summer and fall he will spend his time running a marathon, 42 kilometres, every day until he makes the entire trek from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Port Renfrew BC, on the Pacific Coast

The run, which is being called “The Run to Live”, has two purposes: to raise awareness of cancer and cancer-related issues, and to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

On May 1 Scott set off from the Atlantic coast, along with his girlfriend Megan and their dog Myikka for support. As of early this week, Scott was still in Quebec, nearing the Ontario border on his way to Ottawa. Sometime early next week he should be in the Perth area, around Sharbot Lake on the 3rd and in Kaladar by the 4th of August.

Scott has a local connection. His grandfather, Brian Smale, has a cottage on Ashby Lake. “Knowing Scott and how determined he is, I can definitely see him carrying this run through to the end,” said Brian Smale.

Brian Smale has not been directly involved with the run itself, but has been doing some of the background work, and along with Beverly James, he has been working on setting up a local event on August 4 at the Kaladar Community Centre.

A number of local youth are interested in running along with Scott, and plans are for a public greeting to take place at the community centre at 3 p.m. next Thursday, August 4 and the public is invited to welcome Scott at that time.

Scott should be about 34 kilometres into his daily run at that point, and he will be joined by some local runners for the final eight kilometres of the day. The Kaladar OPP have offered to provide an escort for the party.

“I hope we can put together a good event for Scott in Kaladar,” said Brian Smale, “I know there will be a large greeting for him a few days later when he gets to Peterborough.

Scott Cannata is an Anthropology student at Trent, and a reception is planned at the athletic complex of the University when he gets there later a couple of days after he passes Kaladar.

For more information about Scott’s run, go to Theruntolive.com


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