Jule Koch Brison | Apr 21, 2011

Recycling Strategy

Council received a draft Municipal Waste Recycling Strategy (MWRS) plan that was prepared by Cambium Environmental Inc. along with township staff. The township is undertaking the plan in order to 1) maximize Best Practices funding; 2) Identify and demonstrate continuous improvement towards Best practices; 3) clarify long-term Blue Box diversion goals; and 4) identify cost-effective solutions to maximize Blue Box diversion.

The township has achieved 22.4% overall diversion when construction and other waste is calculated in, though Councilor Tony Fritsch noted that the Blue Box program is actually diverting almost 60% of potential recyclables.

It was also noted that two major institutions in the township, North Addington Education Centre and Pine Meadow Nursing Home, do not contribute any recyclables at all to the Blue Box program. The school ships its waste and the nursing home sells its recyclables elsewhere and only brings its garbage to the waste sites.

Nevertheless, the township’s overall 22.4% diversion is above average for its municipal grouping, in which the average rate is 21.28%.

However, the township’s recycling costs are also higher than the average in its grouping: $1,660 per tonne in 2009, as opposed to an average of $565.08 per tonne per year in other municipalities. Council will look into the causes of the high costs.

The report recommended public education and training as being the best and most cost-effective way to improve the township’s recycling program. Several councilors pointed out also that the township should lead the way by providing recycling bins at least in its own halls, though the idea of establishing satellite depots to improve public access and convenience was dismissed because such depots would be too vulnerable to contamination and other problems.

Council also discussed approaching the Limestone District School Board about initiating recycling education for the students.

The township will be consulting with the public and will be inviting input from residents on the draft MWRS plan.

Road Washout - On April 18, an early morning washout near Vennachar closed the Buckshot Lake Road. Roads Supervisor Royce Rosenblath reported that the washout was due to a beaver dam, and that although one vehicle was caught in it, somehow the driver had managed to maintain control when the pavement collapsed under the vehicle and no one was hurt. The vehicle was severely damaged, however.

Un-maintained Roads - Royce Rosenblath presented council with a list of all the un-maintained township roads, and those with full-time residences are noted. Councilor Helen Yanch asked if Rosenblath could also provide council with the length of the roads.


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