Craig Bakay | Jun 09, 2021

Addington Highlands Council adopted a draft Community Stewardship Program at its regular (online) meeting last Tuesday. It is scheduled to be formally adopted via bylaw at the next Council meeting (June 15)

The program, authored by Dep. Reeve Tony Fritsch and Manager of Roads and Waste Brett Reavie, provides a formal plan and guidelines for citizens who want to tidy up the Township by picking up waste from roadways and/or road allowances.

From the draft: “This program covers the entire municipality and applies to anyone wanting to pick up garbage or recycling at any time along municipal roads or road allowances, County roads, Crown Land roads or in parks or at beaches.

“The garbage and recycling collected can be taken to the Township Waste Site at no cost to the volunteer.”

“Even if we get only a few people participating, it will be a good thing,” said Fritsch.

There are a few guidelines involved, which are scheduled to be posted on the Township website and, in a measure passed Tuesday, will also be included in the Township newsletter.

“It will fit in that bare spot there,” said Coun. Helen Yanch.

Essentially, the Township is prepared to provide Township logo bags for garbage and clear bags for recycling or you can use your own (blue bins or other suitable containers are acceptable for recycling). They only ask that you let them know when you’ll be bringing in stuff so they can record it.

There’s even a provision for pickup if you contact the Township ahead of time.

If an item is too large to move (like a sofa or such), residents are asked to leave it where it is and contact the Township for removal.

Residents are asked to wear vinyl or nitrile gloves and not to pick up dangerous items such as broken glass, needles, sharp objects or dead animals. In the case of such items, contact the Township for pickup and disposal.

Residents are asked to observe social distancing guidelines.


• • •

Council approved a draft bylaw to regulate/prohibit camping on Municipal lands.

Included in the ban are the municipal office, fire halls, roads garages, waste sites, cemeteries, community halls, parks/ball fields, road allowances and boat launches.

“It’s simple and straightforward,” said Coun. David Miles.

“It’s just for municipal lands, we have no jurisdiction over Crown Lands,” said Reeve Henry Hogg. “(And) I hope everyone understands this will be a complaint driven bylaw.

“A lot of it will be on weekends when we have no staff on.”

“It’s a good start,” said Dep. Reeve Tony Fritsch.

“I guess Mackavoy Lake was packed last weekend,” said Coun. Kirby Thompson. “Lotsa fights.”


• • •

Reeve Henry Hogg reported that the (covid) Community Control Group met for the 39th time on May 26 and that fencing was being taken down and regular signage being restored on outdoor facilities.

Otherwise, “the fire chief reported things will be status quo until June 14.”


• • •

Manager of Roads and Waste Brett Reavie reported that he sat in on a meeting with Loyalist Township and L&A County on funding application for electric vehicle charging stations.

“Since the due date for applications is June 22, we decided that we wouldn’t be able to complete an application on time but there supposed to be future applications being taken so we’ll look into it in the future,” he said.


• • •

CBO David Twiddy reported that the increasing costs of building materials hasn’t seemed to impact building in North Addington.

“Permits continue to surprise on the upside,” he said. “We’re homing in on 100 and I think last year I did 120 in total.”

Twiddy did say that there are a lot of septic inspections included in that but he’s finding the septic aspect of his job enjoyable.

“It’s an enjoyable experience, and I guess it will be until something goes wrong,” he said.

“Seems like you’re doing a pretty good job in the crap business,” said Coun. Kirby Thompson.


• • •

Fire Chief Casey Cuddy reported that he’s having daily conversations about fire bans with his counterpart in North Frontenac.

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