| Jun 12, 2019

It was a beautiful day Saturday in Northbrook for the 1st annual Alzheimer walk at Pine Meadows Nursing Home. And program manager Mallory Wionzek was only too happy to take credit for it.

“I ordered this nice weather,” she said.

This was the third of three such walks the KFL&A Alzheimer Society has put on this year (the others were in Kingston and Napanee) which have raised more than $42,000.

The numbers for the Pine Meadow Walk may have been smaller than the other two but there was no lack of enthusiasm as evidenced by the warm-up routine led by Alzheimer program coordinator (as well as ‘coach and head balloon maker’) Mari Vepsalainen.

One unique aspect of this walk is the relationship between the Alzheimer Society and the Land O’Lakes Lions. Pam Lemke works for the Society in Northbrook and Sharbot Lake, with much of her work being done out of a basement office at the Northbrook Lions Hall.

“Pam is a (Lions) member (and) her office is in our hall,” said Lions President Kerry Skipper. “We have a bit of an informed relationship with with Alzheimers.

“They help us out financially with the upkeep on the hall and we try to reciprocate by pitching in wherever we can.”

As well as there being a strong Lions presence at the event, the club also chipped in with a cheque for $500.

“We’ve heard about all these wonderful people of Northbrook,” said fundraising coordinator Lesley Kimble. “Pam knows all these people.

“And all of the money raised in the community stays in the community.”

Pine Meadow Nursing Home served as host for the walk and IG Wealth Management as the corporate sponsor.

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