Apr 17, 2019

Addington Highlands event organizers and businesses in tourism related sectors are invited to attend a special "Naturally L&A” Tourism Stakeholder Breakfast at Addison's Restaurant, 11893 Highway 41 in Northbrook on Thursday, April 25th at 8am. Those interested are asked to register by calling 613-354-4883 ext. 3271 or by visiting https://www.lennox-addington.on.ca/explore/addington-highlands-tourism-breakfast.

Participants will learn about a new funding opportunity available to Addington Highlands event organizers and tourism-related businesses. $5,000 is available for new event creation or for enhancements to existing events in Addington Highlands. Funding for new/enhanced tourism product development initiatives will also be eligible for funding at https://www.lennox-addington.on.ca/tourism-activation-program.

The morning will also provide participants with an opportunity to learn about fellow operators in the Addington Highlands community and find out about a number of new County-led tourism initiatives that are currently underway. Businesses will be able to promote their tourism offerings and look to build partnerships and experiences with other businesses. 

All businesses in tourism-related sectors and event organizers are encouraged to participate in this free event. Businesses are welcome to bring along brochures and publications to share with those in attendance.

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