| Apr 03, 2019

Addington Highlands Council approved a request to bend the rules on how waste is delivered to one of its waste sites at its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon in Flinton.

The request came from Jenelle and Joseph Rosenblath, who are renovating the 41 Stop business.

“We purchased the property in October, 2018, (and) are attempting to renovate it and open as soon as possible as the summer months approach us,” the Rosenblaths said in a letter to Council. “Our next step is to prepare the site so that above ground fuel tanks can be installed and we need o remove an old free standing garage and deck.

“We would like to take the material to the Vennachar waste site in four large truck loads versus 16 smaller trailer loads as it is simply more convenient and cost effective and likely easier to dump and handle at the waste site.”

Coun. David Miles said he’d be in favour of making an exception to the dump rules in this case.

“But you’d be opening a can of worms,” said Coun. Kirby Thompson. “If you open that up, it’s never going to go away.”

“One of the reasons we have the rules is to discourage that sort of dumping at our waste sites,” said roads/bridges supervisor Brett Reavie.

Mayor Henry Hogg said there would be an option for the Rosenblaths to rent a dumpster but “they’re not cheap.”

“We want to be accommodating to our small businesses but we have to abide by the rules,” said Coun. Helen Yanch.

“We do make exceptions to bylaws on occasion,” said Clerk Christine Reed. “For example, we make exceptions to the noise bylaw.”

“Yes, but the noise goes away eventually, garbage is forever,” said Yanch.

In a recorded vote, Council defeated a motion to deny the request with Yanch and Thompson voting for.

“So, what do we do now?” said Hogg.

The answer was another motion, this time to approve the request. Again, it was a recorded vote and only Yanch voted against.

Council passed bylaws appointing David Twiddy as both Chief Building Official and Municipal Law Enforcement Officer.

SDRA rejected
Council denied a request from the Skootamatta District Ratepayers Association for $1,000 to test the water quality on Skootamatta Lake.

“I think all lake associations do water testing as part of their raison d’etre,” said Mayor Henry Hogg. “But if we do it for one, we’d have to do it for all.”

“I don’t think we can go down that road,” said Coun. Helen Yanch.

Council passed a motion to receive the request and refer the lake association to Quinte Conservation for assistance.

OPWA rejected as well
A request from the Ontario Public Works Association to proclaim a Public Works Week and hold a “Truck Roadeo” was turned down by Council.

“I don’t think we make proclamations,” said Mayor Henry Hogg.

“Never have,” said Coun. Helen Yanch.

“Unless Brett (roads/bridges supervisor Reavie) wants to do a demonstration of snowplowing,” said Hogg.

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