| Jan 23, 2019

The Township of Addington Highlands voted to opt in for retail cannabis outlets at its Council meeting last week in Denbigh, said Reeve Henry Hogg.

“We had two open houses the week before on the subject and while there were more against than for, it was only like one or two people,” he said. “There were about 30 people at the meetings and so you don’t know if that’s representative.”

Higgins said that the determinative factor (for opting in) may have been the potential for financial benefits both from the provincial government and the economic development it could represent.

But, he acknowledged it could be some time before there’s an outlet in Cloyne or Northbrook.

“The first licenses are for communities of 50,000 or more and we don’t have a 10th of that,” he said. “Besides you can already get it in Tyendinaga or online.

“Or you can just grow it yourself.”

On another matter, Hogg said the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority’s request for members on its Source Water Protection Committee didn’t meet the kind of concern it did in neighbouring North Frontenac. North Frontenac had a considerable discussion regarding the fact that Ottawa had two members, Perth, Smiths Falls and Carleton Place for the three of them had one member and all the other municipalities combined had but a single member.

“We did get an email from (North Frontenac Mayor Ron) Higgins asking us to submit a name but we have no sources to protect,” Hogg said. “Other than some headwaters.

“This was something created after the Walkerton fiasco many years ago and whatever they do, it’s going to cost us money.”

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