Nov 21, 2018

Remembrance Day 2018 will long be remembered by the young and not so young people of the Land O’Lakes area. Thanks to the Frontenac News (Nov 8 - Ringing Of Bells...) for mentioning Bells of Peace commemorating Armistice 100. Quick calls late Friday night revealed that no such commemoration was planned for the area. Hastily, social media was activated, friends called friends and 36 hours later, the Lions Hall was filled to capacity (120) with some standing. The Cloyne and District Historical Society lent us the church bell acquired from the defunct Anglican Church in Cloyne and at sunset, Scouts, Girl Guides and other young children rang the bell 100 times while a You Tube video of the sacrifices made during the Great War played in the background.


Sadly, the Land O’Lakes Royal Canadian Legion closed its doors last year. It was felt that not unlike many young soldiers during wars, the torch must be picked up by others when comrades fall if the goal is to be achieved. Hence, the Lions Club of Land O’Lakes picked up the torch, the community responded and our goal of remembering Them was achieved. Moreover, some of those who rang the bell may not know now why they were doing it, but you can be sure that they will forever remember doing it.


The Lions thank all for the excellent response and the numerous comments received. With your help, we will continue in our quest to live by our motto “We Serve”.

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