Sep 05, 2018

Alice Madigan says that before and after she chose to run for Reeve she has been talking to constituents from all parts of the township and the message she heard was consistent and overwhelming

“They want change,” she said, in an email interview early this week.

Madigan was raised in Slate Falls, near Denbigh, and left the area for work. She moved back seasonally in 1991 and permanently in 2010. She became involved in the effort to maintain the Denbigh ambulance and as a volunteer on committees of the township, such as the policing and roads and waste management committee, and in 2014 she ran for council and lost out to Kirby Thompson and Tony Fritsch.

She has remained as Chair of the Denbigh Ambulance Committee since then. She also teaches Sunday School and is a volunteer business manager for a children’s camp. Since her background is in business finances and management, she can provide a perspective on township finances if elected as Reeve.

“I'm a very dedicated person with strong leadership skills who will serve the people honestly and diligently,” she said.

She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of 613-333-9542

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