submitted by Conservationists of Frontenac Addington | Jul 04, 2018

Tim Snider of Cloyne brought it to the attention of Conservationists Of Frontenac and Addington that fish from local lakes were often found to have undigested plastic baits in their digestive systems. This seems to be a growing problem as the baits are very effective and widely used by anglers.

The Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers has recommended that anglers be careful to remove all damaged plastic baits from the area of lakes and streams as they are likely to be eaten if they are in the water.

In the USA they can be sent to a company, “REBAITS” that then recycles them into new baits.

COFA has responded to the issue by placing signs and collection boxes at area boat launches. Please save all of your damaged plastic baits and put them in the boxes for proper disposal.

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