| Apr 04, 2018

New Waste Site hours came into effect March 20 and the only complaints received relate to the Mackavoy site so far.

Mayor Henry Hogg told Addington Highlands Council at its regular meeting Tuesday in Flinton that he’d received “three or four” complaints, one of which was an email from a resident who said the 4 p.m. closing on Sunday was too early. (The Mackavoy hours, summer and winter are 8 a.m. to noon on Wednesdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

“There’s about 50 or 60 people who use that site so three complaints isn’t much,” said Coun. Bill Cox. “And we didn’t change the hours just to upset the applecart, we had a lot of debate about it.”

Road and Waste Management Supervisor Brett Reavie said the Mackavoy site is something of a special case and staffing it presents its own challenges.

“It’s a specialty type position,” Reavie said. “A limited number of people went there after 4 p.m.

“It’s odd hours to begin with and it’s nice for anyone working there to be able to get home for dinner on Sunday and have a life.”

Reavie said he had kind of been expecting some feedback at the Kaladar or Vennachar sites but to date, attendants there have noted no complaints and even some compliments.

“We did have a lot of discussion about waste site hours and we changed them for the right reasons,” said Coun. Tony Fritsch.

“And if we change them again, we’ll probably get complaints about that and end up having to change them back,” said Coun. Kirby Thompson.

“I think we should try the new hours for a year and then revisit it if need be,” said Cox.

Council passed a motion to revisit waste site hours after a year of operation and make changes if warranted.

Roads crew struggles with weather
Road and Waste Management Supervisor Brett Reavie said that this year’s weather has been playing havoc with his road repair schedule, even to the point of having to redo at least one road.

“It’s the freeze-thaw cycle,” he said. “We’ve tried to do as much as we can grading in Ward 2 but even then some roads are still frozen.”

One thing they have been doing is removing some dead trees from roadsides.

“There seem to be a lot of them this year and while they’re still standing, we’d like to get them out of there before we get a windstorm and they’re blocking roads,” he said.

Buildin boom?
Building Inspector Ken Buxton reported that the Township has been having a good year so far building permit-wise.

“We’ve had 18 permits issued so far for a value of $2.1 million,” he said. “Last year at this time, we had 11 permits for $260,000.

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