Feb 28, 2018

The residents and staff of Pine Meadow Nursing Home had their very own Winter Olympics Competition. The teams consisted of staff and residents divided into teams of White Pines, Scotch Pines, Red Pines and Jack Pines! Over the two weeks, while cheering on Canada, they too were competing in similar games of curling, hockey as well as various other singing competitions and word scrambles.

Complete with Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the residents had fun waving their flags, representing their teams and of course accepting their medals. Each ceremony began with the singing of our National Anthem which brought those who could to their feet and the room beamed with patriotism. Extra special awards were given to those who showed most team spirit, most competitive and best out of the hack and so on.

It was a fun change of pace and great to see the team work between staff and residents!

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