| Oct 04, 2017

Addington Highlands is still tinkering with waste disposal fees but made some changes at its regular meeting Monday afternoon in Flinton.
Many of the changes came from suggestions from supervisor Brett Reavie, who gave a report based on feedback from waste site attendents.
First up was tires with rims attached.

“You can drop the rubber and you can drop the steel, but you can’t drop them together,” said Coun. Bill Cox.
Reeve Henry Hogg suggested the company that takes the tires might take tires with rims attached but would likely charge a few for that.
“That would be the simplest thing to do,” he said.

Reavie also said they are starting to get more fibreglass paddleboats and canoes.
“The Vennachar dump gets quite a few at times,” he said.
Council adopted a $35 fee for canoes or paddleboats.
But perhaps the biggest debate was what to do with shingles.
“There was a time when we didn’t accept shingles at all,” said Hogg. “I don’t know what happened to them then.”
“Are you trying to divert shingles or keep the countryside clear?” said Reavie.
Council agreed it was a bit of both.

“You can’t charge so much that it won’t be worth it for people to bring them in,” said Hogg.
Council decided that if shingles were brought in a pickup truck or single axle trailer, the few would be $35. If brought in a double axle trailer, the few would be $70.
Council also decided the fee for a regular load brought on a double axle trailer would be $35.
They also decided there would be no additional fees for small pieces of carpet if part of a larger load or refuse.
“We can’t finalize this until we hear back on the tires and rims,” said Coun. Tony Fritsch.
“We’ll look at it one more time,” said Hogg.

Council moved a step closer to completing its Civic Addressing Bylaw with a review of the draft.
“We’re having rules for naming the roads, but what about the lakes,” said Reeve Henry Hogg.
Several councilors related lakes that seem to have changed names (often more than once) over the years.

After noting that Lake Weslemkoon was hard to pronounce and spell, Hogg made no suggestion that it should be changed but pointed out the numbering system on lanes around the lake left something to be desired.
“It will have to be changed,” he said. “The cottage associations did the numbering some 20 years ago and a lot of it doesn’t make sense.”
Dep. Reeve Helen Yanch said while she was OK with roads already named after people, she’d like to see the practice abolished in the future.
Council also agreed that the posts and blades for new roadside numbering shouldn’t cost residents, they wanted to see some costs before proceeding.

Council decided to go ahead with Remembrance Day ceremonies despite the Northbrook Legion closing.
Coun. Bill Cox, a Legion member himself, said he’d received a letter about the branch closing and the fact that the membership has applied to join another branch.
“I think it’s sad,” said Dep. Reeve Helen Yanch. “But I think we need something at our two cenataphs even if it’s only for this year.”
Cox said he’d contact Legion Central Command to get their thoughts on the matter.

Council is still concerned about its ambulance base situation.
“The County made a motion that we’d get an ambulance station,” said Coun. Bill Cox.
“It was made Oct. 12 last year and it’s never been rescinded,” said Reeve Henry Hogg.

A memorandum of understanding between the Township and Metis Nation was moved to closed session for Council discussion.

Council approved its joint fire agreement with North Frontenac Township.

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