| Sep 13, 2012

Photo: original oil painting by Don Wise commemorating the five United Churches of Harlowe, Flinton, Kaladar, Northbrook and Cloyne

In a special third anniversary service for the Land O'Lakes Emmanuel United Church on Sept. 9 at the Cloyne United Church, painter Don Wise unveiled a painting he created to remember the five churches, Flinton, Northbrook, Kaladar, Harlowe and Cloyne, which once made up the pastoral charge. Now, just the Cloyne church remains though it has been up for sale for the last year. The Harlowe and Flinton churches have been closed and sold; the Northbrook church while still owned is used as a clothing boutique; and the Kaladar church has been out of use for a number of years and is currently used as an apartment residence. While a committee has been appointed to undertake relocating the congregation elsewhere, it was felt that now would be a good time to create an artwork that could commemorate the five buildings before the last is gone.

Wise, who has been a member of the congregation since 1968 and who is also a member of church’s finance committee, said, “We thought that with the closing of the buildings we could come up with a painting to commemorate the buildings as a keepsake and also as a way to raise funds for the church as well.” A self taught artist who has been painting for decades, Wise created the 20x 26 inch oil painting from photos of the five separate buildings. “It was difficult to come up with a design where I could put the five separate buildings on one canvas”, Wise said. He decided to paint the buildings in a past time and so depicted the five buildings on an old dirt road. The piece, which took him roughly four months to complete, includes a number of older cars. Also depicted in the work is long-time member of the congregation, Gordon Wood, who can be seen approaching one of the churches on the left side of the painting. While it was initially planned to auction off the work to the highest bidder, that plan changed and instead prints will be made, which will be available for sale. Rev. Judith Evenden said that no matter where the congregation ends up, the painting would travel with them. Anyone wanting to purchase a print can call the church office at 613-336-2655 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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