Land o'Lakes Community Services | Oct 13, 2016

There's more to health care than doctors and hospitals.

October is Community Support Month, an opportunity to celebrate the services that help seniors and people with disabilities live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. There are over 25 unique community support services, including attendant care, adult day programs, Meals on Wheels, respite for family caregivers, personal care and home support, transportation to medical appointments, and supportive housing programs... to name just a few! The not-for-profit organizations that provide these services are supported by their local communities, and rely on over 3 million hours of work donated by volunteers each year.

In Northbrook, Land O'Lakes Community Services has made an impact. A few years ago the agency responded to a need in the community identified by the local Family Health Team.

There was a lack of opportunities for senior men to socialize. A group was formed by a coordinator of the Community Support Program.

A member of this group described it like this: "A friend suggested that I attend a meeting organized by Land O'Lakes Community Services. The purpose of this meeting was to form a group of senior retired men who wished to socialize. All you need to join is a desire to interact with other men of varied walks of life and experiences. It is also advisable to bring along a good sense of humor. You can talk about any subjects that you are interested in." (Submitted by J.P. Pare)

This group continues to meet each week. They have supported one another with various health issues; they visit residents at the local nursing home, and even had a float In the Santa Claus Parade. This program has definitely had a positive impact on the lives of the men in this group.

"To us, stories about the impact of community support services may be extraordinary, but to the dedicated staff and volunteers of these organizations, they're all in a day's work," says Deborah Simon, CEO of the Ontario Community Support Association. This October, please learn more about how you can support these community-based organizations by donating your time or much-needed funds.

Recently in a client satisfaction survey about transportation, the following quotes were given;

"Thank you for the best driver. Also for the help along with not being just a driver but someone to talk to, just listen.";

“The service is great as I have no other transportation. My drivers are a great asset to me. I don't know what I would do if this service was stopped."

There are a few ways that the public can help ensure these services thrive. Residents could give a donation, volunteer, attend events or simply talk to their neighbor. Individuals who know what we do are vital to building a healthy community. For more information call 613-336-8934 or visit

All Ontarians deserve the opportunity to live in the comfort of our own homes and communities. Community support services make this goal a reality by going beyond meeting a client's current needs, and actually preventing more serious needs in the future. They keep people out of emergency rooms, hospitals and long-term care, helping Ontarians in need to stay happy and healthy, and making the entire health care system more sustainable.

There are many different types of community support services. Here are specific celebration dates set aside for each type:

October 5 - Congregate Dining Day

October 12 - Client Intervention and Assistance (CIA) Day

October 2-8 Meals on Wheels Week

October 9 . 15 Community Care Worker Week

October 3 Respite Services Day

October 10 Transportation Services Day

October 16 - 22 Adult Day Program Week

October 7 Supportive Housing Dav

October 14 Friendly Visiting/Telephone Reassurance Day

October 21 Home Help/Maintenance Services Day

October 26 Attendant Services Day

October 28 Hospice Services Day

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