| Jul 26, 2012


Photo: l-r: NF Mayor Bud Clayton, Pine Meadow Administrator Bonnie George, Bob Taylor of AFAR and AH Reeve Henry Hogg were on hand as the Pine Meadow reconstruction project received the $4,200 cheque marking the dissolution of AFAR.

With the presentation of a $4,200 cheque to Bonnie George, administrator of Pine Meadow Nursing Home, Addington Frontenac Area Radio Inc. (AFAR) formally dis-banded and relinquished their corporate charter.

Although a viable business and operational plan was de-vised by AFAR’s Board of Directors, the Canadian Radio & Television Commission (CRTC) was unable to provide a fre-quency that could be used to service the proposed area.

“Two separate engineering reviews were conducted with the finding that due to an extremely large geographic region, larger than some European countries, and unfriendly topographical terrain, factors were against us,” said Bob Taylor, the former Presi-dent of AFAR. “A couple of times we thought we had attained a workable solution only to find extraneous factors had scuttled our best laid plans and efforts. It was like buying a car, affording the payments and having the skills to drive it, but in the end having no road to drive it on.” Rapidly changing technology, such as social media and Internet streaming, were also factors.

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